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To view or print an ordinance, please click on the name of the ordinance below.

NOTE: Eveline Township Zoning Ordinance information should be verified by contacting the Eveline Zoning Administrator, at 231-675-6125 before any interpretations are made.


Eveline Township Zoning Ordinance Title Page-Click Here

Table of Contents-Click Here

Article 1. Introduction-Click Here

Article 2.  Zoning Districts, Zoning Map, and Schedule of Requirements/Restrictions  Click Here

Article 3. Village Area Mixed Use District-Click Here

Article 4.  General Provisions-Click Here

Article 5.  Administration & Enforcement-Click Here

Article 6. Zoning Board of Appeals-Click Here

Article 7. Special Use Permits-Click Here

Article 8. Site Plan Review-Click Here

Article 9. Non-Conforming Uses, Structures And Lots-Click Here

Article 10. Definitions-Click Here

Article 11. Effective Date-(Information Pending)

Zoning Map- Click Here

Dismantled or Inoperable Motor Vehicle Ordinance Rev. 6/29/07

Planning Commission Ordinance Rev. 12/08 /2009

Phragmites Ordinance Rev. 7/14/2009

Nuisance Ordinance Rev. 1/20/2010

Hazardous Spill Expense Recovery Ordinance # 030811 Rev. 2011

Eveline Township Comprehensive Plan as Amended July, 2014

Recreational Marijuana Ordinance  No. 0108 of 2019

Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Concerning Signs No. 0313 of 2019


To view the Short Term Rental Licensing Ordinance (Revised July 7, 2021)


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Short Term Rental Application can be accessed by CLICKING HERE




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